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In my day job as Senior Web Developer for a large publishing company, I use the Expression Engine CMS.
Until I started in this position, Expression Engine was not a piece of software I had come across as I tend to go for open source software as I find the support and range of addons to be so much better.

I was not a fan of Expression Engine on the 1.6 version…but then I  have to be fair and explain I had a steep learning curve in order to produce complex websites with unfamiliar software.

However, I now have 2 sites under my belt that were constructed within Expression, and I am now on my third. For this site I am using the newly released version 2.1 – and I much prefer it.
Some of this can be attributed to the fact that I have learnt a lot about the software in the last 7 months and I generally feel more comfortable in what I am doing,  but I think the overhaul that the developers have given the software in the latest release have made it  a much nicer CMS to use. And although it’s not important, it looks a lot nicer.

Well after searching for an extension to make my life easier today, I discovered that the rating extension I needed hasn’t yet been upgraded to work with version 2 so out of necessity I looked into writing my own.
Looking over the documentation, this was quite a daunting thing. Whereas with opensource software there are usually hundreds of tutorials on how to make different types of addons, there are none readily available for Expression Engine.

With a lot of trial and error I finally got the extension working – and I am so very proud! Unfortunately, as it was created whilst at work, it’s not my extension to package up and sell…but hopefully it’s just the first of many!

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