Data & Sales Analysis

Data and sales analysis can be something that is easily overlooked but done correctly can offer some great insights into how you should be marketing your products or services.
With experience ranging from the insurance industry, the property industry, ecommerce retailers and the leisure industry amongst others, we can offer a comprehensive data analyst service.

Sales Analysis

Do you know which of your products brings in the most revenue? Which offers the most profit? Do you know if there is a certain time of the year where specific products peak with sales? If not, you could be missing out on vital information that helps to inform your marketing efforts.

Customer Analysis

How much is your average customer worth? How many have made more than one purchase? Is there a specific part of the country that buys from you? Understanding your customers’ buying habits can be used in conjunction with sales analysis to cross promote products. Turning your customers into repeat purchasers will provide a revenue stream that is more accessible.

Competitor Analysis

In order to understand what is happening in your industry, you need to know what your competitors are doing. From their marketing to their pricing it will help you to formulate your own plans to ensure you are not under or over pricing your products or services.